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Projecting the Tournament: New methodology, new ways to rip the MRI

January 23, 2009  |  By Benjamin Miraski

In an attempt to please the insightful commenters who just love my tournament projections (read: repeatedly flame me left and right), I will be changing the format this year.

Since last year led to a slight ... let's say hiatus, for the projections, look at this as a way to make a fresh start for the MRI.

How will it work this year? Welcome to the Bracketology edition of the MRI tournament projections.

Each week, we will use Joe Lunardi's latest Bracketology and project out the tournament based on the current MRI ratings.

Right now, we will likely see many of the games be straight-up chalk, but as the season wears on, I expect us to see more and more upsets come into play.

From the MRI's perspective, this is the best possible circumstance: It can't be wrong!

So each week, get ready to read who is one and done, and who are the favorite for the Final Four.

And if I get enough response, perhaps I will bring back the full scale tournament projections. It definitely drove traffic.

So now, to the brackets, using Lunardi's 1/19/09 bracket:

One and Done:
Midwest: Alabama State, Ohio State, Illinois State, Western Kentucky, Utah, Portland State, Florida State, North Dakota State
West: New Hampshire, Florida A&M, Wisconsin, Utah State, Northern Iowa, Dayton, Cornell, Miami, Jacksonville
South: Austin Peay, Florida, Siena, Stephen Austin, Notre Dame, American, St. Mary's, Robert Morris
East: Western Michigan, Davidson, Mississippi State, George Mason, Butler, Long Beach State, Michigan, VMI

Two and Out:
Midwest: Villanova, UCLA, Kentucky, Baylor
West: Tennessee, Cal, Illinois, Washington
South: Wake Forest, Texas, Oklahoma State, Purdue
East: Kansas, Minnesota, Syracuse, BYU

Sweet Sixteen Departures:
Midwest: Memphis, Michigan State
West: Gonzaga, Georgetown
South: Arizona State, Louisville
East: Xavier, Missouri

Not-So-Elite Eight:
Midwest: Marquette
West: Oklahoma
South: Clemson
East: Connecticut

Final Four Matchups:
Duke vs. Pittsburgh -- Winner: Duke
West Virginia vs. North Carolina -- Winner: North Carolina

National Champion: North Carolina


Posted January 23, 2009 4:49 PM