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MRI Football 2011 - Rankings Week 11

November 27, 2011  |  By Benjamin Miraski

Oh Akron. All season long the folks at Hustle Belt (including me) have been laughing at how bad you are.

The school found a way to make things worse. It fired coach Rob Ianello on the way to his mother's funeral.

Insult to injury.

Well, add another insult to the list. Akron could end as the worst team ever in the MRI. That is the worst team of the last nine years.

And Akron won a game. It could have been worse if the Zips had managed to screw up the game against VMI.

The team ended 118th in scoring offense, 116th in scoring defense, 105th in passing yards and 103rd in rushing.

The only worse quartet might be Nickelback.

A lot will depend on how the Zips opponents do for the remainder of the season.

Let's say Ohio loses in the MAC title game. That sends Akron even further south.

But then it becomes a question of how Ohio State, Temple, Cincinnati, Western Michigan and Ohio will do in their bowl games. It is going to take a lot of wins by those teams to pull Akron up past the futility shown by North Texas in 2008.

Things at the top are a little more jumbled. Alabama still leads, but Houston has pulled ahead of LSU. Oklahoma, which still has another game (as do the Cougars and Tigers) could also move up into that top duo. The Cougars and LSU even have a shot at taking the top spot away from the Tide, at least until the bowl games begin.

Every other team is essentially out of the running for the MRI championship. Despite Wisconsin's big gain this week, getting another 20 points in two games will be a difficult feat, especially when whomever is No. 1 will be playing at least one more game.

The same logic applies to Stanford, who will not be in the PAC-12 title game, or Boise State which has no title game.

The complaints will come, especially if Houston takes the title. People will say they don't deserve it because they don't play anyone (although they will get a test in a BCS game now).

But that shouldn't take away from what they would have accomplished, being one of the possibly only two teams to win every game this season.

Outside of Oklahoma, which may have played the strongest slate of any of the contenders, no one has exactly scheduled 12 tough games. LSU might win the "ranked team" battle, but games against Northwestern State and Western Kentucky drop the overall profile.

Alabama soured its own achievements with games against Kent State (allowable some years, but not this one), Georgia Southern and North Texas.

Here is a thought for you. Houston at the end of the year will have a win over UCLA (which may win the PAC-12 thanks to USC's "troubles"), and strong teams in Louisiana Tech and Tulsa.

That is a pretty good showing for the Cougars. Not as impressive as Oklahoma or Alabama or LSU. But still a pretty good year.

A BCS win wouldn't be a bad addition.

MRI Top 25 Rankings

1Alabama Helmet
2Houston Helmet
3LSU Helmet
4Oklahoma Helmet
5Wisconsin Helmet
6Stanford Helmet
7Boise State Helmet
Boise State
8Wisconsin Helmet
Oklahoma State
9Oregon Helmet
10Michigan Helmet
12Virginia Tech11-177.3212
14South Carolina10-267.6218
15Southern Mississippi10-264.5316
16Michigan State10-264.4517
21Florida State8-455.50NR(27)
22Arkansas State9-254.9720
25Notre Dame8-452.1021

Teams Dropped From The Top 25: Penn State (LW #22, TW #32), Texas A&M (LW #23, TW #26)
On the Bubble: Texas A&M, Nebraska, Temple, West Virginia, Missouri, Baylor, Penn State, Northern Illinois, Georgia Tech, Clemson.
Last Place this week: Akron (1-11) at -88.62. 2nd week in a row, and currently sporting the worst score ever registered in the MRI.
Biggest Gain this week: Wisconsin gained 14.59 points. (Beat Penn State 45-7)
Biggest Loss this week:Wake Forest lost 12.85 points (Lost to Vanderbilt 41-7)
Conference rankings this week: SEC, Big 12, Big Ten, PAC-12, Big East, ACC, Mountain West, WAC, Conference USA, MAC, Sun Belt

Posted November 27, 2011 3:00 PM

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