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College Basketball Rankings - MRI 2011-12, Week 5

December 27, 2011  |  By Benjamin Miraski

For some schools, it just takes time.

Everyone knew that North Carolina was good. The Tar Heels showed that in flashes during the early season.

But it took until Christmas before they truly found themselves.

North Carolina destroyed Nicholls State (which is to be expected) and then dismantled Texas to the tune of 20 points.

That is why the Tar Heels have vaulted to No. 4 in the MRI rankings.

The things that had been holding North Carolina back -- rebounding and turnovers -- are suddenly a thing of the past. The two losses to UNLV and Kentucky almost feel like a different team was playing.

North Carolina is now averaging almost 10 more rebounds a game than its opponents. And it is now just about average in the takeaway department.

North Carolina has arrived, and is poised to challenge Syracuse, Ohio State and Wisconsin for the top of the heap.

There are still six teams that have not lost a game this season, to go with 11 teams that have not beaten another Division 1 team.

Keep an eye on Murray State to see if they can survive as the lowest ranked of the undefeated. And watch Alabama A&M for when they might break through. Although being ranked 309 isn't exactly encouraging.

Check out all the rankings in Week 5 of the MRI.

MRI Top 25 Rankings

2Ohio State12-1132.482
4North Carolina11-2110.3915
10Michigan State10-299.7319
16Wichita State8-294.2212
17Seton Hall11-193.5513
18Kansas State10-192.90NR(28)
20Sain Louis10-192.1622
23St. Mary's9-290.09NR(27)

Teams Dropped From The Top 25: Stanford (LW #14, TW #31), Florida State (LW #16, TW #33), Minnesota (LW #23, TW #32), Texas (LW #24, TW #43), Mississippi State (LW #25, TW #28).
On the Bubble: BYU, Gonzaga, Mississippi State, Ohio, Duke, Stanford, Minnesota, Florida State, West Virginia, Murray State.
Wofford Watch: Wofford (5-5) is currently 196th in the MRI, with a score of 22.76.
Last Place this week: Grambling (0-9) at -77.13. 5th week in a row.
Biggest Gain this week: North Carolina gained 20.90 points. (Beat Nicholls State 99-49, and Texas 82-63)
Biggest Loss this week: Central Arkansas lost 23.67 points. (Lost to Iowa 105-64, and Drake 87-64)
Conference rankings this week: Big Ten, Big East, Big 12, SEC, Mountain West, ACC, Missouri Valley, PAC-12, Atlantic 10, Conference USA.

Posted December 27, 2011 12:56 PM

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