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MRI Football 2011 - Rankings Week 12

December 4, 2011  |  By Benjamin Miraski

I understand the money grab that is the conference championship game.

But I often wonder if conferences are better off not having them.

The Big Ten expanded so they could hold one. The first one was fantastic, especially with Gus Johnson on the call. The Big XII is no longer big enough to have one. The conference might be better off for it.

Here is the thing that bothers me. You can have a team like Houston, who had a great season and probably deserved a huge reward for that season.

It all came undone on Saturday morning. Houston likely won't get a BCS bid now. They won't even go to the best Conference USA bowl game.

The Cougars season is torpedoed because of the championship game.

Talk to Virginia Tech about how they feel. They also missed out, and probably won't get a BCS invite thanks to their loss to Clemson. They had to face the one team that solved the Hokie puzzle this season again. They lost again.

In fact, the ACC Championship game is probably the biggest destroyer of dreams out there. Perhaps it is because the team that usually dominates in the ACC isn't actually as dominant as they seem, but it does feel like there are more upsets in that one game than in any other.

The best SEC team usually wins. The best Big XII team used to win. But not so much in the ACC, and definitely not usually in games like the MAC title game, or the CUSA event.

But enough with that. There are no tears being shed over Houston's loss. It just saves the whiners who would say that the Cougars never got their chance.

As far as this computer is concerned, the two best teams are LSU and Alabama in that order. It took an extra game for LSU to prove it, but they finally got over the hump into first place.

Oklahoma State did everything it could to crash the SEC party at the top of the rankings, but it ended up five points short.

That the difference is less than nine points is important. It means that Alabama and Oklahoma State are essentially even. The real difference in a game between the two would be whomever had home-field advantage.

Even on a neutral field, the Tide would have just a small percentage edge over the Cowboys.

Gundy's gunners tried. They just missed doing enough.

Here is the almost regular season final MRI (save the Army-Navy game). Enjoy the bowl selection show, if you can keep from being too disappointed in the rematch.

MRI Top 25 Rankings

1LSU Helmet
2Alabama Helmet
3Oklahoma State Helmet
Oklahoma State
4Houston Helmet
5Oklahoma Helmet
6Wisconsin Helmet
7Stanford Helmet
8Boise State Helmet
Boise State
9Oregon Helmet
10Michigan Helmet
12Southern Mississippi11-270.7715
13Virginia Tech11-270.7712
15South Carolina10-268.3514
16Michigan State10-362.3316
18Arkansas State10-259.8622
22Florida State8-456.4221

Teams Dropped From The Top 25: Ohio (LW #23, TW #30), Notre Dame (LW #25, TW #27)
On the Bubble: Nebraska, Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Temple, Ohio, Missouri, West Virginia, Northern Illinois, Penn State, Nevada.
Last Place this week: Akron (1-11) at -88.10. 3rd week in a row, and currently sporting the worst score ever registered in the MRI.
Biggest Gain this week: Oklahoma State gained 18.87 points. (Beat Oklahoma 44-10)
Biggest Loss this week: Florida Atlantic lost 14.47 points (Lost to Louisiana-Monroe 26-0)
Conference rankings this week: SEC, Big 12, Big Ten, PAC-12, Big East, ACC, Mountain West, Conference USA, WAC, MAC, Sun Belt

Posted December 4, 2011 12:34 AM

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