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College Basketball Rankings - MRI 2011-12, Week 10

February 1, 2012  |  By Benjamin Miraski

No rants on Murray State this week, although it is likely the streak will end when the Racers meet St. Mary's in Bracket Busters.

One quick note on the made-for-television event. If ESPN could pressure one of the big leagues into participating (and this is not the Mountain West, or Atlantic 10, this is one of the big boys), it would fulfill a much greater purpose.

When the mid-majors face the big boys, it is always at the beginning of the season, before the smaller schools have had a chance for their teams to really come together.

But if the schools played now, there is a greater chance we could see the "upsets", and see the teams earn that extra win that gets them into the tournament.

All anyone is asking for is a shot, and this is the one shot that many of these high-performing teams are asking for. Beating another Missouri Valley team, or a Colonial team isn't as meaningful as beating one of the middle of the pack Big Ten or Big 12 teams, ones that might be the last one in the tournament.

Instead, the teams who truly deserve that extra spot could get it, even if it is just for a single round.

Enjoy the rankings this week. More in the weeks to come, including the return of the tournament projections.

MRI Top 25 Rankings

1Ohio State19-3197.441
3North Carolina18-3159.263
5Michigan State16-4142.755
6St. Mary's19-2135.347
14Florida State14-6119.7421
15New Mexico16-4119.18NR(30)
18Wichita State17-4115.3413
22Saint Louis15-5112.4915
25West Virginia15-7105.7716

Teams Dropped From The Top 25: Seton Hall (LW #20, TW #29).
On the Bubble: Middle Tennessee State, Kansas State, Vanderbilt, Seton Hall, Murray State, Georgetown, Harvard, Louisville, Southern Mississippi, Oral Roberts.
Wofford Watch: Wofford (12-8) is currently 136th in the MRI, with a score of 41.16.
Most Average Team: St. Francis (NY) (11-10), with a score of 30.39.
Last Place this week: Grambling (3-15) at -98.51. 10th week in a row.
Biggest Gain this week: New Mexico gained 23.03 points. (Beat Colorado State 85-52, and TCU 71-54)
Biggest Loss this week: NJIT lost 16.82 points. (Lost to North Dakota 80-63, and Utah Valley State 81-58)
Conference rankings this week: Big Ten, Big 12, Big East, SEC, Mountain West, ACC, Atlantic 10, Missouri Valley, Conference USA, PAC-12.

Posted February 1, 2012 3:43 PM

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